Will Insurance Cover a New Roof?

A Roofer Works on a Roof Repair.

Will insurance cover a new roof?

If your roof has been damaged in a storm and you need a new roof, you will probably file a claim on your homeowner’s insurance. If your insurance is an all-perils policy—most are—the storm damage should be covered, as is most damage caused by an act of nature or a sudden accident.

A roof insurance claim, however, will not cover a replacement because your roof is showing signs of age and wear, or if you’ve neglected to maintain it. In that case, you would normally have to pay out of pocket for the replacement.

Before you file a claim, consult with a roofing professional like Force Field Roofing. We have years of experience providing roof insurance claims help in Jasper, GA. We can inspect your roof, document the damage, and help you verify the claim with your insurer. You can get help from us by calling 706-301-8630.

What to do if you can’t afford a new roof?

If your roof is well over 25 years old and really showing signs of wear, you probably need a new roof. But, roof replacements are expensive investments, and you might not be able to afford it. Roof insurance is always an option. But unless your roof has been damaged in a storm or other natural event, no matter how badly you might need a new roof, your insurance is unlikely to pay for a new roof.

You do have other options when budgets are tight. Credit cards or personal loans are always an option, but often roofing companies like Force Field Roofing will offer several financing options that will fit your budget. Another option is to look into a home refinance or check online for local, state, and federal grants. Many programs are available that assist disabled people, the elderly, and low- to moderate-income homeowners. The Weatherization Assistance Program is one such grant.

Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

Roof leaks, like other damage, might be covered by your roof insurance if the damage was caused by an accidental or natural event such as a fire or a hail storm. These are perils usually out of your control. If the leak has developed because your roof is worn and has aged with little or no maintenance on your part, the repair won’t be covered. Also, before you file a claim, make sure the cost of the leak repair exceeds your deductible or the claim will be denied.

How roof insurance claims work

Filing a roof insurance claim is actually a fairly simple process:

  • First, the damage needs to be assessed. While you can do this yourself, you’ll get a more accurate picture of your roof’s condition from a roofing professional. Everything needs to be documented on paper and in photographs if possible.
  • Make certain your policy covers the type of damage you want to claim. While most natural events like storms are covered, the amount covered could be affected by the type of damage or even the age of your roof.
  • Call your insurer to find out exactly what you need to do to file a claim. Your agent will know all the procedures you need to follow for roof repairs.
  • Consult with two or three local roofers to get estimates, and make sure all estimates indicate the cost of a replacement and whether it’s necessary to do so.
  • File the claim. Once the claim is filed, the insurance company will send out an adjuster to assess the damage and verify the claim.
  • Have a reputable roofer repair or replace the roof.

Will insurance cover a 15 year old roof?

If your roof has been damaged but is showing its age, you might wonder if your roof insurance will cover the damage. The damage might be covered, but the roof’s age may put a limit on the amount covered. With a roof that is 15- to 20-years old, insurers might only pay the actual cash value of the roof, which means you’ll only receive a payment based on the depreciated cost of the roof. Each policy will vary, so check with your insurer to see how they handle older roofs.

Does the age of your roof affect insurance rates?

If you’re a homeowner with an older home, your roof’s age in particular could affect your premiums. Insurers sometimes charge higher rates for older roofs. If you have your roof replaced, you’ll want to let your insurer know. A new roof can affect your rates by as much as 20%.

Can I cancel a roof insurance claim?

Once you file a roof insurance claim, you generally cannot cancel it. A very narrow window exists to do so. It must be done before an adjuster is assigned to the claim. Once the adjuster is assigned, even you never see them, the claim cannot be canceled.

Roof inspection for insurance

Before you file a roof insurance claim, you should always consider having a professional provide a roof inspection. A professional will know what to look for and can provide accurate documentation that you can provide with your claim. A roofer can sometimes find damages that adjusters might overlook.

An Insurance Adjuster Inspects a Roof.

Roof insurance claim denied

In certain circumstances, a roof insurance claim might be denied. This is often the case if the cost of repairs doesn’t exceed the deductible. But claims can be denied for other reasons as well, and sometimes it’s worth your while to dispute this with your insurance company. This is where a reputable roofer like Force Field Roofing can help.

In this case, you’ll want to file an appeal with the insurer and schedule a new inspection with them. On the same day, have a representative from the roofing company on site as well. The roofing professional can document and verify damages alongside the adjuster. It’s even possible you’ll discover some damage that was initially overlooked.

Whenever you need any roof insurance help in Jasper, GA, you can get it from us by calling 706-301-8630.