Elastomeric Coating

installed elastomeric roof coating

A Simple Way to Toughen Up Your Roof

Your roof goes through a lot. From the blazing sun of a Georgia summer to pounding hail and pouring rain, there are many factors that can cause a lot of wear and tear. However, you still want your roof to stay in the best shape possible so your business has the protection it needs. Because of that, you may have begun looking at commercial roof coatings. 

A commercial roof coating can offer you a lot of benefits, including quick and easy installation. But the greatest draw of options such as elastomeric coating for roofing is their ability to add years to your roof’s lifespan, even if it’s seen better days. It isn’t difficult to see why so many business owners are opting for elastomeric coating in Jasper, GA for their roofs. Reach out to us at 706-301-8630 if you’d like to consult with one of our roofing pros. 

What Makes an Elastomeric Coating Different

Various commercial roof coatings are available on the market today. That being the case, you may be wondering about the differences between them and which to choose for your own roof. Elastomeric coatings are a superior choice among roof coatings, and there are many reasons for this. 

Like many other kinds of commercial roof coatings, elastomeric coatings are rolled on. After application, the material needs some time to cure – usually 24 hours or less. However, once the process is complete the result is a flexible option able to stand up to even harsh weather conditions. This durability can add upwards of 25 years to a roof’s lifespan, even with the sometimes harsh weather we see here. 

Schedule Your Application

Does an elastomeric coating sound like a good choice for your roof? If so, your next step is finding qualified roofing professionals to take care of the application. You can rely on our team for high-quality service from the moment you get in touch. Our team can be there with a roof inspection to help you decide whether a roof coating is needed. Not only that, we can help determine whether another option such as a silicone roof coating may be more beneficial. If you’re ready for an elastomeric coating in Jasper, GA, Force Field Roofing is ready to help you. Call today at 706-301-8630.