TPO Roofing

roll of tpo roofing

An Affordable and Reliable Choice

Are you looking for a flat roofing option that will enhance your business? There are several choices on the market that can get the job done, with TPO being a notable choice for the reliability it has to offer. For a solid summary, owners of buildings with thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing enjoy benefits such as: 

  • High durability 
  • Resistance against hail, wind, and debris
  • Protection against bacteria, algae, dirt, and chemicals
  • Reflects sunlight better than many options
  • Less likely to tear and puncture from impact damage

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why TPO roofing is one of the preferred options in the industry. Force Field Roofing can provide you with TPO roofing in Jasper, GA, giving you everything you need to protect your business. Call 706-301-8630 today to schedule your appointment.

Professional TPO Repair and Installation

When seeking TPO roofing, you can trust Force Field Roofing as your commercial roofer for both installation and repair. Our licensed and experienced roofers have you covered whether you’re seeking a brand new roof for your business or in need of repairs for an aging roofing system. Like many other flat roofing systems, TPO does not necessarily boast a long lifespan, being able to last about 10 to 20 years. However, it can retain its beneficial qualities and last well past its age limit through minimal, but effective, maintenance.

You can trust our roofers to get the job done no matter the type of help you need with TPO roofing. This includes the maintenance you need to keep your TPO roofing in the best shape possible, such as a high-quality commercial roof coating. The simple application of an elastomeric coating or silicone roof coating can add upwards of 10 years to the lifespan of your TPO roof.

Call Today for TPO Roofing

TPO roofing can benefit your business in many different ways, and you can be certain of getting high-quality work when you call us to install, replace, or repair your roofing system. Force Field Roofing is among the best residential and commercial roofers in the area. When you are interested in TPO roofing in Jasper, GA, our skilled professionals can be there for you. Just reach out to us and we’ll set up a consultation to discuss the flat roofing options available to you, including TPO roofing, so you can find the best roofing option possible. Call 706-301-8630 today to schedule your appointment.