Residential Metal Roofing

Metal roof on a home

The Toughest Roof for Homeowners

When living in Jasper and Canton, GA you want a roof that can keep your household and family safe throughout the year. That is why Force Field Roofing offers metal roofing. It’s one of the toughest and long-lasting roof on the market for homeowners. In considering a metal roof for your home, you will see perks like: 

  • Fire resistance
  • High performance for more than 50 years
  • Wind resistance
  • Helps keeps homes cool
  • Water-resistant 
  • Absorbs less sunlight 

As a roof that can add value to a home, metal roofing does so much more than most other roofing options. While any properly installed roofing option we display may apply most of these benefits, each is seen to a much higher degree when choosing a metal roof for your home. Our team of certified and experienced roofers can get you a metal roof too. Call 706-301-8630 today to schedule your appointment.

Superior Roofing Options

As a residential and commercial roofer, Force Field Roofing works to provide the best in roofing options. When practicing a minor amount of care to their roof, homeowners will see that a metal roof is by far one of the top choices to both protect their home and enhance its curbside appeal. Further yet, by choosing a good coating and paint color, you will see all the benefits metal roofing brings, like reflecting heat and resisting storm damage. When living in Jasper and Canton, GA, have our team of roofers brings you the best metal roof in the area. 

When it comes to storms, homeowners will at one point see damages done to their roofs whether its from hail or heavy winds. Unfortunately, even for metal roofs, some storms can bring a type of damage. In such cases, you can trust Force Field Roofing to bring with us the best in storm repairs. Metal roofs are generally made out of sheets of steel that interlock amongst themselves to achieve maximum wind resistance. However, while it is a tough surface, it is susceptible to impacts from hail and debris. These damages can result in dents and leaks. We can easily handle such damages and make your roof look good as new.

One way to best take care of your roof, even a tough metal roof, is to have a gutter system installed into it that efficiently takes care of the rain. Gutter system installation disperses rainwater, granting both your roof as well as the ground around your home significant advantages. Homes without gutter systems each year see a much higher likelihood of leaks and erosion of the foundation. If your metal roof is relatively flat or has debris, standing water can build up on the roof and breakdown the coating that protects the structure. Gutters help in removing any threat of standing water, combined with an observant homeowner, you can see optimal use out of your system.

Call Today for Metal Roofing

When choosing to have Force Field Roofing administer or repair your metal roofing, you will see the best result in and around Jasper and Canton, GA. Count on us for your residential or commercial roofing services. Whether it comes to repairs, installations, replacements or more we can cover you with a certified and professional roofing team. Give us the opportunity by calling 706-301-8630 today to schedule your appointment.