Roofing Storm Damage Repair

A Picture of a Man Checking Uplifted Shingles After a Storm.

We Repair Storm Damaged Roofs

When it comes to severe storms, they can do quite a bit of damage to your roof. Strong winds and large hail have the ability to rip off roofing, crack and dent materials, and even knock over trees onto roofs. Because the function of the roof is to protect our homes from inclement weather and outside elements, it is crucial that you get roof repairs as soon as possible. If you are looking for fast and effective storm damage roof repair in Jasper and Canton, GA, the our residential roofing professionals at Force Field Roofing are ready to help you! We are able to inspect your roofing system to determine the extent of the damage and how minor or major the repair service will be. If the roof is too damaged, then we will recommend a complete roof replacement. Our roofing team is made up of CertainTeed master applicator and shingle quality specialists, also known as ShingleMasters. For you, this means we can offer extra warranty protection and coverage for CertainTeed shingle roofs. For our professional assistance and repairs, call us at 706-301-8630!

Does Your Roof Have Storm Damage?

In order to get your roof back in great shape after a storm, it’s so important to call a roofing expert whenever you know you need storm damage roof repair in Jasper and Canton, GA. How can you tell if you have a storm-damaged roof? There are a couple of signs that indicate this.

  • Roof Physical Damage: Cracks, dents, and punctures in your roof are a big sign that you need repairs.
  • Broken or Missing Roofing: If there are sections of roofing that are missing or broken off, then you’ll need repairs.
  • Damage to Gutters: If there are cracks or dents in your gutter after a storm, then roof repairs will most likely be needed.
  • Damage to Home Exterior: Damages to the walls, windows, door frames, or other areas of the outside of your home can also mean your roof requires repair services.
A Picture of Roofers Replacing Damaged Shingles After a Storm.

Schedule an Appointment

There will be times when your roof is so damaged that repairs won’t be able to fix it. When this happens, you will need a roof replacement. However, we won’t just assume that you need a roof replacement–we will inspect your roof and based on the extent of the damage, we will determine if storm damage roof repair in Jasper and Canton, GA or a replacement is needed. If you have a shingle roof, we are able to offer shingle roof repair or replacement, as well as help with the insurance claims process. Dial 706-301-8630 to make an appointment.