Silicone Roof Coating

Roofers Apply a Silicone Roof Coating.

Fast and Effective Roof Restoration

Your roof does the heavy lifting in protecting your building from the elements. And that means your roof can take a beating, no matter the kind of commercial roofing you have. Fortunately, you don’t always need to schedule a replacement to get your building’s roof back in shape. A commercial roof coating is a fast, effective way to restore your roof and add years to its lifespan. 

There are many different types of commercial roof coatings currently on the market. However, silicone roof coatings stand out, and they’re the preferred choice for many. Our team can give you the help you need when you opt for a silicone roof coating in Jasper, GA. Just reach out to us at 706-301-8630

What Makes This Option Stand Out

Silicone roof coatings still have a relatively short history when compared to some other roofing options. However, they have already come to dominate the market as the roofing material of choice in roof restoration. These commercial roof coatings were invented in the 1960s as a way to protect spray foam roofing, which can see extensive deterioration with prolonged exposure to the sun. 

But silicone roof coatings can do far more than protect a building’s roof from harsh UV rays. However, perhaps one of the greatest benefits this kind of roof coating offers is its ability to hold up well even under ponding water. This is because the material won’t absorb additional moisture, ensuring your building’s roof is safe from rain, grease, and even most chemicals. 

And it’s important to note this is a more eco-friendly choice. In addition to being a safer material, its ability to deflect the sun’s UV rays can do much to keep both your roof and your building cool. This reduces your energy usage, which has the additional benefit of helping reduce your building’s overall energy costs.

Call and Schedule Your Application

Our roofing professionals have been working with silicone roof coatings for many years, along with options such as elastomeric coatings. We understand the process and can take care of your roof every step of the way, ensuring you are able to reap all the benefits with the application of your new commercial roof coating. Ready to schedule the application of your new silicone roof coating in Jasper, GA? Reach out now at 706-301-8630.