Can I install my own gutters?

gutter system along house

Gutter installation for your home

Maybe your home didn’t have any type of gutter system or the one it has needs to be replaced, but either way, a gutter system is more that just for looks. They serve a purpose and when you don’t have one, you will quickly realize that a gutter installation is needed as soon as possible. 

However, you’ve called around and you’ve had some contractors come measure and give you a quote. Then you’ve priced the parts and pieces of a gutter system at your local home improvement store, and you’re wondering why you can’t do your own gutter installation. 

Anyone with some handyman skills can do their own gutter installation as long as you don’t have issues with heights, because this will require climbing up and down a ladder. You’ll be carrying parts, pieces, and tools with you on that ladder to, so coordination is important as well. In our article today, we’re going to answer common questions asked about gutter installation and placement, giving you some sort of gutter install checklist to follow. 

Is gutter installation difficult?

Yes and no.  For a handyman skilled homeowner, it may be challenging at first, but as you go along, you’ll find a process that works for you. The question then would be, is your gutter installation accurate and complete? 

Gutter installation is more complicated than it appears. The gutter runs need to be hung properly; the hangers are key to the gutter runs hanging with the proper pitch. Then there is the caulking and screws, if they aren’t secured, the whole gutter system can come off with one hard rain.

What if you home has multiple roof levels with different pitches? A gutter installation requires a lot of advance planning for the job to come out properly. There are complex and various calculations based on the square footage of the roof, determining the annual rain fall and being certain that you have the proper drop and pitch of the gutter runs. 

Things that you need to triple check with your own gutter installation are: 

  • The correct  size of gutters for each specific roof section
  • The right number of downspouts
  • The right place to install the downspouts 
  • Installing the rivets and screws in the right areas

Where should gutters be placed?

Install gutter with drip edge on top and so that’s the gutter installation is positioned to extend past the roof eaves. Gutter installation should be placed around the entire house, but specifically in areas where there isn’t a natural run off away from the foundation. 

How far should gutters be from house?

For a gutter installation to allow the gutter run to function properly, the gutter runs need to be attached firmly to the roof eave and under the drip edge.  The gutter run seams need to be sealed and a proper slope to the downspout is a must. The downspout slope recommended is one inch for every 17 feet so that one downspout is for any more than 35 feet of gutter run. Downspouts should be no closer than four feet and no further than six feet. 

Should there be a gap between gutter and fascia?

The ‘builder’s gap’ is that gap you see between the fascia board and the roof decking. The fascia board is where the gutter installation is placed, so yes, there should be a gap in this area. However, while that gap is important for air flow for the attic, it is also where pests and rodents find to get inside your attic. 

A roofing contractor can add a galvanized drip edge along this area to seal that gap up and stop the entry way for these critters.  Considering the damage and unhealthy environment that these critters can cause, it is recommended to have that addition added. 

gutter along fascia

Why does water run behind my gutters?

Whether you did your own gutter installation or had a professional gutter installation, when you have water dripping behind the gutter run, you, or the contractor, didn’t install flashing on the backside of the gutter, also known as a gutter apron. 

If you are repairing your own gutter system and need to install a gutter cap, you’ll need a crimper tool for a metal gutter system. If your gutter system is vinyl, you can install gutter end cap without crimper tool. 

If you are doing a makeover of your home’s exterior, do you install gutters or paint house first? You should complete your painting, making sure to paint where the gutters will go, then have the gutter installation completed. 

Gutter installation seems frivolous to many homeowners, but at the end of the day, when all is installed and working properly, the value is noticed when your foundation isn’t washing away with the soil erosion that no gutter installation would create. Call 706-301-8630 today for your gutter installation in Jasper, GA.