Silicone Roof Coating

applying a silicone roof coating

Silicone Coating Roof Restorations

When you want a roof restoration, few options are better than a silicone roof coating which can be applied to new and old roofs alike to strengthen the surface. Force Field Roofing is the top commercial roofer in Jasper and Canton, GA that can get your roof exactly what it needs. You can benefit from trusting us as your roofers of choice, as we have a wide variety of options for installations replacements as well as being able to push each roof to its full potential for our clients. The latter is absolutely possible with a good restoration, so call 706-301-8630 to schedule your appointment for a silicone roof coating in Jasper and Canton, GA.

Keep your Roof Coated and Maintained

Your roof is the first defense against every kind of weather nature can throw at you. It also is the primary reason your electrical system can run at top capacity by playing a part in maintaining the internal environment. Over time, it can lose this ability due to reasons like the roofing materials degrading, punctures or denting, and general damages that can accrue from weather patterns. As a commercial roofer, we can assure you that coating your roof, especially with a silicone coating, can largely neutralize this through an added seamless membrane that protects against the worst of what the weather can throw at it. To put it another way, by getting your roof coated, you can enjoy:

  • Better electric bills 
  • Extended working lifespan 
  • Fast application 
  • Less need for later repairs

Take for example our standing seam metal roof option. Whether it’s new or old you will see instant results after the application of the silicone coat. While a standing seam can last for decades more than most other options, it can go further with regular coatings. The coatings can catch small marks that may cause leaks or help with the insulation by diverting more sunlight off the roof it is set upon. Upgrade your business today with one.

Get a Coating on your Roof

Getting a silicone roof coating on your Jasper and Canton, GA commercial property can only serve to benefit you, especially when you choose to work with Force Field Roofing in Jasper and Canton, GA. We work to get each of our clients the services they need to both benefit their livelihood and make it last. Call 706-301-8630 today to schedule your appointment.