Elastomeric Coating

installed elastomeric roof coating

Coat and Toughen up your roof

Whether you have a flat or sloped roof, getting a fresh roof coating applied strengthens it while extending its working lifespan. Force Field Roofing can offer you just that with our elastomeric roofing option from our primary location in Jasper and Canton, GA. In an application fashion similar to paint, elastomeric coatings can be rolled onto an existing roof to provide resiliency and longevity. Not only can the coating be applied to flat or sloped, but elastomeric can also go on new and old roofs alike. Get yours by calling 706-301-8630 today to schedule your appointment for an elastomeric coating in Jasper and Canton, GA.

Elastomeric can Benefit your Roofs

As a commercial roofer, we go take every measure in making sure our customers know what we are applying. An elastomeric coating places a thick coating all over the surface that is 10 times thicker than paint. Once cured, this material is highly flexible and capable of adapting to any weather condition. The final result is a thick and durable coating over the roof that negates the deterioration seen in aging roofs like metal as well as most commercial flat roofs. 

As one can expect with a coating that adds a thick layer over your roof, the elastomeric option provides a defense against not only hail but rain too. This can be applied to any of our flat roofing options as well as our standing seam metal roof installation service. Thanks to how the elastomeric layer is applied, the roof becomes further waterproofed by having a seamless coating. When it comes to hail, the coating is tough enough to take on smaller impacts.

Call Today for Elastomeric Coating

Your roofing system is generally already resistant to the local weather, including heavy rain, strong wind, and hail. Whether it’s applied later on in the roof’s life or initially, it strengthens that quality by a marginal amount. When the roof ages and begins to show signs of degradation, an elastomeric coating for your Jasper and Canton, GA can halt that problem to an extensive degree. Force Field Roofing can enhance your business by applying our renowned processes to your structure. Give us a call at 706-301-8630 to get elastomeric roofing on your property today.